K1 Spray Bottle  500ml

Chrome Spray Malaysia

For Equipment and tools you need!!

- Your airpump machine and all filter.

- Your original spray gun or bottle spray (single nozzle) for (Activator, BaseCoat, TopCoat, DistilledWater).

- Stand for plance the work.

- And more Distilled Water.


Step for Spray on Chrome.

- SC310 Base Coat (2K System)

- Cleaning by Distilled Water.

- K1 Activator Solution "This Step very important. it control chrome color. please.. Sure! Activator made water film and stay on your Base coat.

- Clean by distilled Water. "More Cleaning.

- K2 Activator Solution. (Spray one layer on surface).

- Clean by distilled Water. "More Cleaning..and you have time 90-180sec. start A&B Solution on it."

- A&B Solutions. (Spray until show chrome color. Then stop now)


How Spray A&B

- spray A&B until show black in gold or gold in black color on surface and STOP NOW!!

- Spray Distilled Water for Clean old BAD A&B out of surface.

- Spray A&B again until show chrome bright all on surface and STOP NOW!!. if you spray A&B more.. your surface will have smoke.

- Spray Distilled Water for Clean old BAD A&B out of surface.

- Rechecking your surface again by look. if some area have gold or black color. please littil spray A&B until show like chrome color.

- Cleaning by distilled Water.

- Spray PD solution for made water drop. it will easy Airblow to dry. (Option Solution)

- Cleaning by distilled water.

- AirBlow Until Drying.

- After all 30min-1Hours. 

- Apply SC320 1K Chrome Clear or Aikka CS Candy Colour you want.

- Apply AK4900 2K Chrome Top Coat

- Await 4-24 Hours. your parts complete.!

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K1 Spray Bottle 500ml

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