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The Aikka Universal Refinish Mastertints is based on a unique, multi-function and universal system. Aikka universal concentrated tints can be used in combination with a series of different types of binders to deliver all solvent base quality paints for most type of paint job requirements.

With only one single mixing machine for all solvent base quality paints, there will be more productivity and output, with a lesser cost and investment. With our data banking of formulas, we can provide precise color matching solutions. It is an example of ultimate technology with simplicity. We continuously do research and development to constantly improve our products and come up with innovative products. Now you can have a greater range of finish options and colour capabilities from a smaller range of products.

The Aikka Universal Refinish Mastertints system is supported by an extensive distribution network that provides technical, colour and sales support on request.

All Aikka Universal Refinish Mastertints are cost effective and reasonably priced. We aim to produce more environment-friendly products. It is probably one of the most effective technologies available for today´s modern and progressive body shop

 AK Mixing Tinter
 Code  Latest New Tinter  
 AK868  New Brilliant Red  Transparent red tint, has good hiding.
 AK953  New Rozan Orange  Transparent orange tint, used in solid colour, has good hiding.
 AK898  Sun Bright fine Aluminium  New Medium Aluminium, Sparkling,brighter and light near specular. Newest Silver tints using in Honda 2008-2009 colors.
 AK918  Greenish Yellow  Greenish Yellow
 AK878  Ultramarine Blue  Bright & wonderfully blue
 Code  Description  
 AK 1  White High Strength  Darker in flat angle, lighter in light angle and darker in near specular angle.
 AK 2  White Low Strength  Low strength of AK 1. Change AK 1 to AK2 = Concentration AK 1 x 10.
 AK 3  Micro White  Used in aluminiums to make the near specular angle more yelloo and the high angle more blue and lighter.
 Use no more than 7% on formula weight to avoid durability problems.
 AK 5  Jet Black  Used in black solid colors. Strongest and most saturated black tint. Change AK 6 to AK 5 = Concentration of AK 6 x 2.
 AK950  Super Jet Black  Used in black solid colors. Strongest and most saturated black tint
 AK 6  Black High Strength  Shading black. In metallic colors it has a yellow undertone.
 AK 7  Black Low Strength  Change AK 6 to AK 7 when the concentration of AK 6 is less than 0.45%; when concentration of AK 7 is greater than 8% use AK 6.
 AK 10  Super Fine Aluminium  Light at the side on angle, dark and muddy at the near specular angle.
 AK 11  Medium Fine Aluminium  The side-on angle becomes lighter.
 AK 12  Medium Aluminium  Flake size similar to AK 11, darker in near specular and head on than AK 11.
 AK 13  Medium Coarse Aluminium  Bright sparkle. Equivalent lightness effect on near specular angle, head on angle and side on angle.
 AK 14  Coarse Aluminium  Equivalent lightness effect on near specular, head on and side on angles.
 AK 15  Multigrade Aluminium  The near specular becomes darker, used as a weak aluminium in very dark colours.
 AK 17  Fine Bright Aluminium  Dark flop, brighter and light near specular.
 AK 18  Medium Fine Bright Aluminium  New Fine Aluminium, Dark flop, brighter and light near specular.
 AK 19  Sun Bright Aluminium  New Coarse Aluminium, Dark flop, Sparkling,brighter and light near specular.
 AK 20  Violet  Greener in side on angle.
 Very saturated red violet
 AK 21  Violet Blue  More muddy and reddish violet than AK 20.
 More green effect under yellow light than AK 20.
 AK 26  Organic Blue  Green in near specular, red in head on angle and more red in side-on angle.
 Transparent tint.
 AK 27  Transparent Blue  Green blue in the side on angle, red in near specular angle.
 AK 28  Fast Blue High Strength  Red blue in flat angle.
 Transparent pigment.
 AK 29  Light Blue  Green in head on angle.
 Greener under incandescent.
 AK 30  Fast Green High Strength  Bluish green tint.
 AK 31  Fast Green Low Strength  Bluish green.
 AK 32  Green  Yellow green tint.
 AK 33  Green Gold  Transparent yellow green tint, used in metallic colors and green effect under white light.
 AK 38  Flattening Agent  The side-on angle becomes lighter.
 AK 42  Light Yellow (lead Chromate)  Saturated yellow tint, most greenish lead chromate.
 Only used in an emergency or as a last resort in metallic colors.
 AK 43  Bright Yellow (Lead Free)  Transparent yellow tint, more reddish yellow tint under yellow light.
 Becomes light under sodium light.
 AK 44  Medium Yellow  Used in solid colors, has good hiding.
 AK 45  Transparent Yellow  Do not use in single stage, subject to fade in light colors.
 AK 46  Orange Yellow (lead Free)  Green on head on, very green and light side on angle.
 Produces red near spec.
 AK 50  Brilliant Red  Dark under sodium light.
 AK 53  Red Orange (Lead Free)  Do not use in metallic.
 AK 55  Light Red  Transparent red tint, saturated yellow tone red all angles.
 AK 58  Deep Maroon  Equal to AM55 but redder and bluer.
 AK 62  Transparent Red High Strength  Clean blued tone red, less reddish red tint under the incandescent light.
 AK 64  Magenta  Blue tone red, the most reddish red tint for side on angle.
 Less saturated than AK 66.
 AK 66  Red Violet  The most desaturated blue toned red.
 Most reddish under incandescent light.
 AK 70  Fast Blue Low Strength  Change AK 28 to AK 70 when concentration of AK 28 is less than 0.45% of the total formula weight, when AK 70 is greater than 8% use AK 28.
 Reddest of all blues in incandescent light.
 AK 80  Ochre  Opaque tints, yellow tone. solid colour used - light and yellow at side on angle.
 AK 81  Yellow Oxide High Strength  Opaque tints, for metallic the same effect as the white tint AK 1.
 AK 82  Yellow Oxide Low Strength  Opaque tints, green yellow tone. In metallic, effect equivalent to white tint AK 1 - light and yellow at side on angle, dark at near specular angle.
 AK 84  Red Oxide Low Strength  For metallic the same effect as the white tint AK 1.
 Opaque tints, red yellow tone. light red and yellow at side on angle, dark at near specular angle.
 AK 85  Transparent Maroon  Replace AK 58, but more transparent. Equal to AK 55 but redder and bluer.
 AK 88  Green Blue  Green blue translucent tint, Green in the side on angle, little blue in near specular angle.
 AK 90  Transoxide Yellow  Most yellowish tint of the transoxide tints.
 Transparent tint, green and light high angle.
 AK 91  Transoxide Red  Transparent tint, red brown head on and side on angle.
 AK 92  Transoxide Red  Transparent tint, red head on and side on angle.
 AK 93  Transparent Brown  Most reddish tint of the transoxide tints, less reddish tint of the transoxides under yellow light.
 Transparent tint.
 AK 94  Extra Coarse Aluminium  Coarse then AK 14, Side on angle sparkle, For special eeffect use.
 AK 95  Bright Coarse Aluminium  Similar to AK 17 but coarser and brighter.
 AK 115  Matting Agent  Blur effect.
 AK Mixing Tinter
 Code  Description      
 AK 71  Bronze Pearl  
 AK 72  Russet Pearl  Opaque and medium particle size.
 Red colour effect under all viewing angle.
 AK 73  White Pearl  More bluish than aluminium near specular angle.
 AK 74  Blue Pearl  Blue under spotlight near specular angle.
 AK 75  Super Green Pearl  Very red on high angle.
 AK 76  Yellow Pearl  Provides yellow gold interference effect with light blue silk flop.
 Translucent and medium particle size.
 AK 77  Copper Pearl  Opaque, medium particle size, gives a copper tone effect at all angles.
 AK 78  Gold Pearl  Provides gold interference effect.
 AK 79  Lilac Pearl  Purple near specular angle bluish-yellow tone for side-on angle.
 AK 721  Red Satin Pearl  Opaque, fine-medium particle size.
 AK 731  Fine Satin Pearl  Translucent, fine particle size, provides a white misty shadow effect.
 AK 741  Fine Blue Pearl  Blue under spotlight near specular angle, fine-medium particle size.
 AK 751  Green Satin Pearl  Very red on high angle, fine-medium particle size.
 AK 756  Blue Green Pearl  Translucent, medium particle size, not an inteference type of pearl. Provides a strong clear blue brilliant color at the near specular angle.
 AK 724  Rutile Red Pearl  Translucent, medium particle size, provides a red interference effect with a greenish-light at side on.
 AK 9916  Yellow Glod Pearl  Translucent and medium particle size. Yellow Gold colour effect under all viewing angle.
 AK 910  Black Pearl  For special colour use.
 AK 930  Green Pearl  For special colour use.
 AK 940  Blue Pearl  For special colour use.
 AK 970  Orange Pearl  For special colour use.
 AK 974  Rutile Blue Pearl  For special colour use.
 AK 975  Rutile Green Pearl  For special colour use.
 AK 976  Rutile Gold Pearl  For special colour use.
 AK 979  Rutile Lilac Pearl  For special colour use.
 AK 991  Crystal Purple  Bright sparkle. Translucent pearl = AM 795
 AK 992  Crystal Red  Bright sparkle. Translucent pearl. = AM 725
 AK 993  Crystal White  Bright sparkle. Translucent pearl. = AM 735
 AK 994  Crystal Blue  Bright sparkle. Translucent pearl. = AM 745
 AK 995  Crystal Green  Bright sparkle. Translucent pearl. = AM 755
 AK 996  Crystal Gold  Bright sparkle. Translucent pearl. = AM 765
 AK 997  Crystal Copper  Bright sparkle. Translucent pearl. = AM 775
 AK 999  Crystal Rutile Red  Bright sparkle. Translucent pearl.

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