Car Care

ACCP 100 Leather Cleaner

ACCP 100 is step one in Aikka Supreme High Gloss leather care system. This gentle but effective clea..

RM18.00 Ex Tax: RM18.00

ACCP 110 Leather Lotion

ACCP 110 is step 2 in Aikka Supreme High Gloss leather care system. It contains aloe and moisturizin..

RM18.00 Ex Tax: RM18.00

ACCP 120 Engine Cleaner

ACCP 120 is a safe, environmentally friendly alternative to harsh engine cleaners. Using state-of-th..

RM100.00 Ex Tax: RM100.00

ACCP 130 Engine Dressing

ACCP 130 keeps everything under the bonnet looking like new. The dressing safely restores and protec..

RM350.00 Ex Tax: RM350.00

ACCP 140 Tire Gel

ACCP 140 provides the shine, durability, and protection you want without the sling! Itâ€&..

RM16.00 Ex Tax: RM16.00

ACCP 150 Tire Shine Gel

ACCP 150 is long lasting the standard tire gel. Its specially formulated to deliver a gloss shine wh..

RM160.00 Ex Tax: RM160.00

ACCP 160 Cushion & Carpet Shampoo

You owe it to yourself and your car to take good care of the interior, after-all a lot of time is sp..

RM217.30 Ex Tax: RM217.30

ACCP 170 Odor Kill

ACCP 170 is highly effective in treating vehicle HVAC systems as well as cabin surfaces restoring th..

RM107.00 Ex Tax: RM107.00

ACCP 180 Wheel & Tire Cleaner

ACCP 180 is an all in one car wheel and tyre cleaner from Aikka. The unique formula is like no other..

RM118.70 Ex Tax: RM118.70

ACCP 190 Wash & Shine Shampoo

ACCP 190 value priced economy car shampoo is designed to wash and protect all types of car paint. It..

RM84.80 Ex Tax: RM84.80

ACCP 200 Wash & Wax Shampoo

ACCP 200 is a standard car wash shampoo. It's the perfect way to clean and shine your car's ..

RM176.40 Ex Tax: RM176.40

ACCP 30 Paste Compound

ACCP 30 is a medium cut standard compound and is trusted by all sectors of the car industry, it remo..

RM0.00 Ex Tax: RM0.00

ACCP 50 Clear Coat Safe Polishing Compound

Aikka Supreme High Gloss Clear Coat Safe Polishing Compound is an excellent general purpose car poli..

RM35.00 Ex Tax: RM35.00



RM22.00 Ex Tax: RM22.00



RM15.00 Ex Tax: RM15.00

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