These new clear is base on high solid technology. You can have mirror effect on your car surface when using these high quality clear. The coated surface is like magnifying glass that inhance the gloss and metallic effect. The most important thing is AK 1080 works as a proctective film to protect your car from color fading, chalking and craking problems. Usage: Spot repair or overall spray Ratio: 2 parts of AK 1080 Clear and 1 part of AK 1080 Hardener.Well stir and add on 5-10% AK 2016 Slow Thinner. Distributor Guarantee: 5 years (Shine protect)

PACKING Clear 1 Liter Hardener 500 ML

Aikka 1080 Clearcoat

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AK 1080 CHROMA HIGH SOLID CLEAR & HARDENER 2:1 New Improved Formula 2014

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